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Product Information

Product Identification: Meganite® acrylic solid surfaces material and sink bowls.

Manufacturer: Meganite® is manufactured in China and distributed by Maxstone International at 7401 Adrianne Place, Memphis TN 38133, USA

Product Description: Meganite® is a 100% acrylic solid surface material consisting of PMMA (methyl methacrylate) and natural aluminum trihydrate filler. Meganite solid surface material looks like stone with a grain pattern throughout the whole thickness and allows for three-dimensional shaping.

Basic Uses: You can use standard high-quality woodworking power tools to work with Meganite solid surface material. Meganite can be applied to fashioned Vanity tops, Sink bowls, kitchen countertops, reception desk tops, moldings, signage, and furniture.

Limitations:Meganite® is suitable for exterior use. However, (contact Meganite® Technical Support for its approved exterior applications). Meganite® is not to be used in areas exposed to sustained temperatures in excess of 350°F. When the ambient temperature of the work area is below 55° F seaming with joint adhesive should not be performed.

Sizes: Standard Meganite® sheets are available in 30"x144"x1/2". Other sizes and thicknesses are available upon request with certain minimum quantity orders.

Shaped Products:Meganite® solid surface bowls and sinks are available in solid colors. When the bowls are combined withMeganite® solid surface sheets, a totally integrated solid surface system is obtained.

Colors: Meganite® is available in a wide range of colors, designs and patterns that offer stunning solutions to any interior décor requirement. A complete selection of over 50 beautiful colors is available to choose from. The colors range from our classic collection (solid color), Mist collection (small particulate), Granite collection (Large particulate), to Boulder collection (Extra large particulate).

Finish: The factory finish of Meganite® is a matte finish. The satin finish or high-gloss finish can be achieved by sanding and buffing (by recommended methods).

Weight: A standard Meganite® solid surface sheet in 1/2" thickness weighs approximately 4.0 lbs. per sq. ft.

Maintenance:Meganite® solid surfaces are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, mild detergents, or general purpose cleaners. To remove dry stains or scratch on matte finish lighter colors, an abrasive cleaner (i.e., Ajax®, Comet®) or a wet Scotch Brite® pad can be used to maintain a uniform appearance. To remove burns or scorches on a matte finish, an abrasive cleaner or Scotch Brite® pad may be used. Superficial scratches are also removed by the use of a wet Scotch Brite® pad. Deep scratches can be removed by carefully sanding lightly with 120 grit sandpaper followed by 220-320 grit sandpaper. On darker colors and polished surfaces professional assistance might be necessary.

Stain and Chemical Resistance: ANSI Z124.6 testing method was used. After the prescribed exposure to 29 common reagents, no lasting effect was noted.

Class I Flammability: The colors of Meganite® have a Class 1 flammability rating. Thus making Meganite® suitable for practically all horizontal and vertical surfaces in public spaces.

Fabrication and Installation: Accredited fabricators should always be used for the installation and fabrication ofMeganite®. A list of authorized fabricators is available by contacting Maxstone International.

Warranty: When installed by an authorized fabricator, all Meganite® products carry a 10-year warranty. Copies of Meganite® warranties can be obtained from Meganite Inc. or an Authorized Distributor.

Availability: Contact Maxstone International, LLC for specific locations.

Customer Service and Technical Support: Contact Maxstone International (901) 386-2375 , Toll Free (877) 778-1149 or Fax (901) 386-6668


Meganite product information is your guide to proper selection.