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MEGANITE Solid Surface Care & Maintenance

Meganite® is a homogeneous solid surface with mineral-filled acrylic polymer material that makes maintenance easy. Routine maintenance will give years of carefree service.
NOTE: Darker colors of Meganite® tend to require more maintenance than lighter colors.

Routine Cleaning of Countertops and Sinks
The Meganite® sanitary properties do not allow food, dirt, bacteria and germs to penetrate it. Routine cleaning with soap and water and a sponge, or window cleaner and paper towels will remove most dirt and stains.

For stubborn stains, removable procedures will depend on the finish of the surface.

• Matte or Satin finish: Rub the stain with a scouring cleanser and a burgundy or green-colored Scotch-Brite® pad with water. Always rub in a circular motion, then rinse and towel dry. Rub the entire surface occasionally with the Scotch-Brite® pad to maintain the finish.

• Semi-Gloss Finish: Use a Non-abrasive cleanser with diluted bleach and a white Scotch-Brite® pad. Rub in a circular motion. Rinse and towel dry. A non-abrasive polish like Hopes Polish, available at most home stores, may be used to enhance the shine.

• High-Gloss Finish: Follow the procedure for semi-gloss surfaces, but use a sponge instead of a Scotch-Brite® pad. If the area is dull in contrast with the surrounding surface, use a white polishing compound with a sponge to get a higher gloss.

Disinfecting Surfaces and Sinks:
Wipe sinks and bowls with diluted household bleach (1/1 water/bleach solution) to disinfect.

Removing Cuts and Scratches:
Matte or satin finish: Sand with 180-grit (120 micron) or 220-grit (60 micron) fine sandpaper until the cut or scratch is removed; restore finish with an abrasive cleanser and a burgundy Scotch-Brite® pad to the same finish as the adjacent surface. Semi-Gloss Finishes: Sand with 400-grit (30 micron) sandpaper; restore finish with a nonabrasive cleanser and a white Scotch-Brite® pad. High-gloss finishes: Sand with 400-grit (30 micron) or 600-grit (20 micron) sandpaper; buff with a white polishing compound and a low speed (1500 - 2000 rpm) polisher equipped with a wool pad; finish with a wax. All of the above sanding and polishing should be done in a circular motion.

Preventing damage:
Meganite® can be easily repaired. However, use the following guidelines to prevent damage:
• As with other solid surface materials, Meganite® should be protected from hot pans directly from the stove or oven by the use of hot pads or trivets equipped with rubber-tipped feet.
• Always place a flame-resistant hot pad or trivet underneath a heat-generating appliance such as a crock-pot or electric frying pan.
• Some strong chemicals can cause damage to your Meganite® surface if left in contact very long. Paint removers, oven cleaners, solvents containing methylene chloride or acetone (nail polish remover), acid drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, contact adhesive solvent, rust removers, or lacquer thinners should be flushed with soapy water as quickly as possible, rinsed with clean water and towel tried.
• Run cold water when pouring boiling water into sinks and allow hot grease to cool slightly before pouring onto sink or disposal.
• Do not cut directly on a Meganite® surface, always use a cutting board.
*NOTE: White or burgundy Scotch-Brite® pads are usually available only at hardware stores


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Regular care and maintenance will extend the useful life of Meganite solid surface.