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As someone with an interest in using the materials and products we manufacture and distribute, you will want to know more about our company, what our track record is, and how we intend to fulfill your needs from our growing product line. which features Meganite® 100% Acrylic Solid Surface, Array Solid Surface sheets, showers, and sinks, Zquartz engineered stone, and KingSlide drawer slides for RV's and standard millwork.

Maxstone International, LLC invites you to put us to the test. Challenge us all the way through the design, selection, fabrication, installation, and aftercare processes that have helped us earn our position as a proven leader in the solid surfaces industry. Make us earn your business. We'll both benefit from the experience.

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Wayne's Vision 


Maxstone has been distributing solid surface materials - and more - since 1996!

In 1996, Maxstone International, LLC opened as a fabrication business that used Corian® and other high quality materials to produce countertops and vanity tops in the Memphis area. Subsequently, we became a distributor for Meganite®, a 100% acrylic solid surface material that compares very favorably to Corian® but costs less. In just seven years on the U.S. market, Meganite® has already had a major impact on the solid surfaces industry because of the high quality and low price of the product, and because the Meganite factory can successfully match any color of solid surface from any other manufacturer.

Maxstone has warehouses or branch locations in Memphis, TN, Orlando, FL, Dallas, TX, Kansas City, MO, and South Carolina. These locations allow us to get Meganite® and all of our other products to our customers in 16 Southeastern states very quickly. Distribution throughout the remainder of the U.S. is accomplished by other professional Meganite distributors.

Our 14 years of fabrication experience enable us to remain up-to-date on the latest techniques in solid surface fabrication via our research and development facility in Memphis. Fabrication training, certification, and merchandising and marketing courses are offered here as well. We are uniquely qualified to serve homebuilders, fabricators, manufacturers, architects, and other professionals who use or specify solid surface materials.

Wayne’s Vision
Wayne Juang, President/CEO of Maxstone International, graduated from National Taiwan University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He came to the U.S. in 1979 to do research work at the Polymer Institute at the University of Detroit where his research focused on polymers - high molecular weight materials. After earning his Masters degree in Chemical Engineering, Wayne chose to become an entrepreneur instead of continuing his graduate study.

Wayne moved to Denton, Texas in 1981 to work with polyurethane, polyester, and injection molding. During his 4-year stay in Denton, he earned his MBA in finance from the University of North Texas. In 1984, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee to do research work on polyurethane, SBR latex, and polyester for Dr. Scholl’s - a division of Schering-Plough Corporation - where he designed the popular Work Day insole.

When he purchased a home in Memphis,
 he was impressed with the cultured marble whirlpool in his master bath and determined that it was made from polyester. Wayne recognized the shortcomings in both material and quality of workmanship in the cultured marble he encountered in the model homes he toured. He knew there was a better way to manufacture and install these popular products, and he began to develop it. In 1988, Wayne quit his job and formed Mini-Max Marble & Composites, Inc.

Utilizing a scale and balance (similar to the ones available to him during his years in research and development), Wayne established strict protocols for mixing the resin, filler, pigments, and catalysts to create very high quality cultured marble products. The reputation of Mini-Max grew by word-of-mouth, and the business prospered. 

When Wayne started Maxstone International
 in 1996, customers ranged from those who built starter homes to those who specialized in large, custom mansions. Today, Maxstone offers a wide range of traditional solid surface kitchen and bath products to cover every market segment, from manufactured homes, modular homes, motor homes, and yachts to healthcare, food service, commercial, residential, and manufacturing.

These products are also being grouped with some new, innovative products to create packages that are custom-tailored to the needs of traditional customers as well as to certain specialty product manufacturers who have specialized requirements. In all instances, these products are offered at very competitive prices. 

In addition to Meganite 100% acrylic solid surface sheet goods, Maxstone distributes Array solid surface sheet goods in thicknesses of 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" that are ideal for countertops, vanity tops, desk tops, workstations, case goods, tub decks, shower walls, tub surrounds, window sills, fireplaces, and other applications that require hygienic, stone-like surfaces. For certain multi-resident applications, 1-1/2" pre-fabricated solid surface countertops are also provided. Other products include Array kitchen and vanity cabinets, stainless steel sinks and vanity bowls, solid surface sinks and vanity bowls, vitreous china bowls, and shower pans.

Array Shower System products represent a valuable addition to the Maxstone Product lines. These solid surface showers are being specified more and more by architects across the country. Standard and ADA-compliant showers and pans are available in standard or custom sizes. A complete guide to design and installation of these systems is available with submittal drawings included. Acomplete line of handicap accessories is provided, as well. 

Over the years, Wayne has continually developed innovative product and service solutions. He is also focused on the future, where he envisions Maxstone as being able to provide all of the components required for the healthcare, food service, and manufacturing in the total-home and total-office environments.  

Wayne’s Vision has made a significant impact on the success our customers have enjoyed over the years. We go far beyond just distributing quality products. The total Maxstone commitment to superior products, marketing support, information distribution, and customer service remains at the forefront of all we do, every day. Wayne will be sharing his industry knowledge and practical insights with customers that use products distributed by Maxstone International on this web site and via video conferencing and DVD productions. 

The Best of Both Worlds is the Maxstone philosophy condensed into a very few words. Simply stated, we provide our customers the best high-end products they require AND the best economy brands as called for...plus, everything in between.

 Maxstone International has come a long way in two decades of service.